First, thank you so much for your support, it really keeps me encouraged and energized. My desire is to serve the video creator community- encouraging and giving as much as I can, people like you push me to fulfill that desire and more.

Now, on to the goodies!
At the link below you will find:
2-Window layout overlays (saved as static .pngs, animated .gifs and editable keynote files)
** Images used in the .png cutouts (and a few extras) are included so you can use them as backdrops!

I only ask TWO THINGS
Please DO NOT share the items you have received, they will go into my store later- and I made them for you, that would be like regifting… LOL!
Please DO tell others about “Bradley Teaches”; mention me in your show, make a post, etc. I really want to be able to serve as many people as possible and I know there are people I’d never reach without a good word from you.

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