I love collaborating with brands that serve the creative and live streaming communities; sharing the latest and greatest software, products, and service offerings helping them create content to grow their personal brands and audiences. I love working with brands to educate their existing community helping them become POWER USERS through tutorials, live Q & A events, and walk-throughs. Being able to give in-depth information (facilitating a more educated user base) and engaging existing and new audiences to use software and products in new and innovative ways are my specialty.

I am passionate about inspiring and empowering people to #KeepCreating!

I am currently taking on partners and would love to work with you! Check out my Youtube channel, Facebook group, Instagram, and Amazon page to get a better sense of my work (you can also hang out here in my video section for many of the same videos).

Message me at bvinson@bradleyteaches.com or DM via Instagram or Facebook Messenger