Why San Serif Fonts are Better for Video Graphics

When it comes to video graphics, choosing the right font is crucial to ensuring that your message is conveyed effectively. While there are many font styles to choose from, san-serif fonts are often the best choice for video graphics. Here are some of the reasons why…
  1. Legibility: San serif fonts are designed to be easy to read, even when displayed in small sizes. This makes them ideal for video graphics, where text may need to be displayed for only a short period of time or at a small size.
  2. Simplicity: San serif fonts have a clean and simple design, which makes them a great choice for video graphics. This simplicity helps to ensure that the focus is on the message of your video, rather than on the font itself.
  3. Versatility: San serif fonts can be used in a variety of different styles, making them suitable for a range of different video graphics. Whether you are creating graphics for an explainer video, a corporate video, or an animated video, a san serif font can work well.
  4. Modernity: San serif fonts have a modern and stylish look, which makes them a great choice for video graphics that need to convey a modern or tech-savvy image.

Some popular examples of san serif fonts include Open Sans, Roboto, and Lato. These fonts are widely used in video graphics due to their legibility, simplicity, versatility, and modernity.

A common argument is “what about my logo font?” With video graphics, you’re allowed to break this branding ‘rule’. Legibility overrules confinement to your ‘fancy/frilly’ logo font. Remember- text is meant to be read…

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